Artist’s Statement

Portrait (2 of 1) My approach to photography is in the same manner I enjoy life. The first thing I do is to absorb what is in front of me and then I process it into what makes me feel good. Nothing is ever taken for granted since I love things to be clean and beautiful.

It is difficult to explain the process I go through when I am on assignment, since it is a very natural occurrence; in the beginning, I tried hard to create my style and over time realized that this process was a very natural process of the human mind.

At times I struggled to work on things that were already inside me, so trusting my self gave me the freedom to explore other venues but always coming back to what moves me the most…simplicity, elegance and beauty.

My main objective in photographing is to capture the essence of light which makes my fantasy and world turn. Light, color and shape are my tools to create emotion in my work.

To understand myself is to be aware of how I see and to remain conscious that what I see makes my life complete when I can capture the moments I see.

In the end, it’s not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away”
Shing Xiong, (1046–256 BC) – Zhou Dynasty of Ancient China